Her Royal Highness Che Puan Mude Zaheeda graces RUMC’s 24th Conferring Ceremony

SUNDAY, 09 JUNE 2024 – Georgetown, Penang. RUMC (RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus) is proud to announce the graduation of its Class of 2024 at the Conferring Ceremony held at the E&O Hotel, Penang. This year, 96 medical students received their medical degrees, marking the culmination of their five-year journey to becoming qualified doctors.

These graduates completed a rigorous 5-year programme, starting their medical journey in Dublin, Ireland and finishing with clinical training in Penang, Malaysia. This unique approach ensures graduates possess both theoretical knowledge and practical skills honed through hands-on experiences at RUMC’s affiliated training hospitals.

As Penang’s only medical school, RUMC provides exclusive access to four training hospitals and its clinics, offering unparalleled clinical experience with direct patient interactions.

RUMC fosters a supportive learning environment that empowers students to thrive. “With this unique experience, our students learn the theory of medicine and have the opportunity to join the summer research programme in Dublin to have more exposure to the medical field,” says Professor Dato’ Dr. Abdul Rashid Khan, Dean of RUMC. “Upon their return, through their interactions with patients in our four training hospitals and clinics, our students will learn about tropical diseases as they apply the knowledge and skills during their clinical training years at our training hospitals.” says Professor Dato’ Abdul Rashid Khan, Dean of RUMC.

The ceremony also featured inspiring words from the graduating class itself. Dr. Felicia Chong Jeng Eu, the Valedictorian and award recipient for First Place in Medicine and Public Health, reflected on her highlight during her 5-year programme, “The summer of 2021 was memorable with experiences at RCSI’s Research Summer School, involving me in an innovation project and volunteering at a COVID-19 vaccination centre. While in Penang, my clinical years were unpredictable with new patients and cases encountered daily. Learning alongside peers fosters a strong sense of teamwork and shared knowledge.”

She also emphasises the importance of continuous learning in medicine, acknowledging that knowledge is constantly evolving and valuing the experiences of others, including doctors, nurses, patients, and classmates, to enhance knowledge exchange.

Dr. Keesha Ravintharan, recipient of the Dean’s Award, shares: “RUMC was chosen as a starting point for my medical career for its transnational programme, offering exposure to diverse healthcare systems and educational environments. This experience has broadened my perspective and has equipped me with cultural insights, knowledge and skills. This opportunity to learn from an esteemed faculty and engage with diverse patient populations solidified my commitment to the field of medicine.”

Dr. Danial Syamim bin Onn, recipient of the award for Radiology, shares his intention as a newly conferred doctor: “I plan to pursue Internal Medicine by taking the MRCP (UK) examination and joining the prestigious Parallel Pathway Internal Medicine under Malaysia’s Ministry of Health (MOH).”

The newly conferred doctor also shares that the most important qualities for aspiring doctors are to be well-disciplined and have good time management. These qualities have helped RUMC’s students to allocate the available resources they have correctly. Therefore, discipline is a key to one’s success.

Dr. Hup Jia Sern advised future doctors, “Medical school can be intimidating, but it’s important to recognise that failures are learning experiences, and adjustments can be made. Seek help from others, research online, and test new strategies. Setbacks are stepping stones to improvement, and don’t give up. Remember that setbacks are progress towards your goal!”

“Congratulations on your graduation, a significant milestone in your undergraduate education. This marks the beginning of an exciting future filled with promise and possibility. As part of the growing international alumni group, you are achieving the RUMC mission. Connect with alumni members and benefit from their support. RUMC is excited to see where your careers take you, preparing you to be strong advocates for patients, families, and colleagues in healthcare.” Professor Karen Morgan, President of RUMC, congratulated the new batch of conferred doctors.

Their stories will undoubtedly resonate with future doctors, highlighting the challenges, rewards and invaluable lessons learned during their journey at RUMC.

As the Malaysian branch campus of RCSI and UCD, RUMC boasts a rich heritage of over 400 years of excellence in medical education and research. RUMC’s Class of 2024 will join a legacy of high-performing doctors who have made significant contributions to the healthcare sector both locally and globally.

This year’s Conferring Ceremony was held in the presence of Her Royal Highness Che Puan Muda Zaheeda binti Mohamad Ariff, Consort to the Crown Prince of Kedah.


RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC) has its roots in Penang Medical College (PMC), which was established in 1996. PMC was created through a collaboration between the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and University College Dublin (UCD), two respected medical universities in Ireland. In 2018, RUMC was awarded University status by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education as a Foreign University Branch Campus, making it one of the highest levels for a foreign-owned institution in Malaysia. Today, RUMC is the only Irish university in the region and is recognised by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and Irish Medical Council (IMC) as graduating high-performing doctors. Our students receive a comprehensive medical education and hands-on clinical training in state-of-the-art facilities, preparing them to succeed in the medical profession and ensuring our graduates can pursue their medical careers anywhere in the world, including USA and Canada with recognition from ECFMG, FAIMER and WDOMS.

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