Jun 17 2020

Academic from the Paediatrics Department of RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC) received certificates of appreciation from Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Timur Laut (PPDTL) for their impactful contribution in conducting a virtual workshop, recently.

The Paediatrics Dept conducted a virtual workshop on Health & Hygiene Preventive Measures from 17-18 June 2020. The two-day workshop was an initiative of Edvolution Enterprise in collaboration with Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah (PPD) Timur Laut (PPDTL) and RUMC.

The workshop was delivered virtually by four acclaimed doctors from Paediatrics Department in RUMC and received a good response from almost 160 school leaders, teachers, district and state officers.

“Teachers will now be the new group of front liners when students return to schools on 24 June 2020,” said Associate Professor Dr Foong Siew Cheng, Acting Head of the Paediatrics Department in RUMC. “Hence, this training is crucial to equip teachers with proper skills and knowledge to practice correct health and hygiene measures to create a safe working and learning environment, “she continued.

The summary of activities conducted during the two-day workshop is as follows.

Day 1: Session 1
Maintaining hand hygiene through hand-washing and hand-sanitizing by Dr Tan May Loong.

Dr Tan May Loong demonstrating effective ways of maintaining hand hygiene through a simple seven-step hand washing and hand sanitizing.

Day 1: Session 2
Proper ways to wear and dispose of masks by Dr Foong Wai Cheng

Day 2: Session 1
Assertive communication for members who refuse to comply with the health & hygiene guidelines by A/Prof Dr Foong Siew Cheng.

Day 2: Session 2
Methods to train school community with proper health and hygiene practices by Prof Jacqueline Judith Ho.

Professor Jacqueline moderating the interactive virtual training to educate participants on health and hygiene practices.

From left: Dr Tan May Loong (Vice Dean of Research & Senior Lecturer), Ms Rajeswary Sogamaur (Head of Corporate Marketing), A/Prof Dr Foong Siew Cheng (Acting Head of Department), Prof David Whitford (President & CEO of RUMC), Prof Jacqueline Judith Ho (Fractional Lecturer), Dr Foong Wai Cheng (Senior Lecturer), Mr Abdul Said bin Hussain, District Deputy of Planning, PPDTL and Madam Chuah Poh Sek, the District Deputy of School Operations, PPDTL, gathered for a photo after the certificate ceremony.

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