If you are an aspiring doctor, deciding on a good medical school can be a tough call to make. Being a prospective medical student, students would normally go for a medical degree that provides them with vast career and self-development opportunities.

How about graduating with an Irish medical degree whilst gaining invaluable experience in Dublin?

RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC) – a foreign branch campus of renowned Irish medical institutions, could be the right choice to explore your passion of becoming a doctor.

Read on to find out the 3 reasons to pursue your medical education at RUMC.

1) Internationally-recognised Irish Medical Education

Medical education at RUMC is well-known for its transnationally-delivered programme. You obtain a comprehensive learning experience – from the beginning of your Pre-Clinical Years in Dublin until your Clinical Years in Penang.

With the education that extends beyond borders, you will gain the best of both worlds’ experience from leading medical universities in Ireland.

Upon graduation from RUMC, you will be conferred an internationally-recognised medical degree from the National University of Ireland (NUI).

2) Highly Cost-Effective Tuition and Return on Investment

RUMC Medicine programme is an invaluable option if you are looking at obtaining an internationally-recognised qualification.

You will graduate with an Irish medical degree at a fraction of the cost while gaining irreplaceable experience in Ireland.

You save a lot when you continue your Clinical Years in Penang as opposed to completing the entirety in Dublin at RCSI or UCD.

3) High-Quality Clinical Training

During your Pre-Clinical Years in Dublin, you obtain an early exposure to clinical and patient-centred learning from your first year itself.

You will further develop your skill and knowledge as you continue your clinical training in Malaysia. This feature of the programme promotes the best transition to housemanship, especially if you are a Malaysian wishing to practise in Malaysia.

Your Clinical Years in Penang is enriched with unrivalled access to high-quality training hospitals.

RUMC medical students are the only ones using Penang and Seberang Jaya Hospital for their clinical training and rotations.

This provides RUMC with the privilege to maintain an exceptionally high ratio of patient beds to student numbers.


There you go – some helpful reasons to consider embarking on your journey to Medicine at RUMC.

Need more details about the programme?

Find out more at RUMC Undergraduate Medicine or contact us at 04-217 1888 and our student recruitment team will be at your assistance.


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