Are you passionate about pursuing your dream of attending medical school? Are you looking to continue your undergraduate studies in the medical field? Or are you passionate about studying in any medical course? Then you should go for it. It is always better to pursue your dreams based on your passion to achieve your goals. Medicine has a wide range of fields and it requires a certain mindset to study for it. How to make up your mind to study in the medical field?


1. Identify Your Passion

As a first step, find your passion. Your passion will guide you towards taking the right decision in the next step of your life. If you are passionate about Medicine, it is important to be firm about your decision to pursue your studies in the field. It is important to be clear as it will give you a definite idea of the education pathway and which medical school you want to enrol into. If Medicine is your first choice, RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus (RUMC) is ready to help you realise your goal. You are probably wondering what courses are being offered at RUMC. The foreign branch campus of leading medical universities in Ireland provides you with a solid grounding, leading to an Irish Medical degree. 


List of programmes offered in RUMC:

  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and Bachelor in the Art of Obstetrics (MB BCh BAO)
  • Pre-Medical Foundation Year
  • Foundation in Science


The university also has programmes for medical doctors to pursue their specialisation and related trainings such as:

  • Malaysia-Ireland Training Programme for Family Medicine (for doctors to pursue specialisation in Family Medicine)
  • Surgical Training & Research


2. Lifelong Learning

One of the important advantages about studying in medical school is the lifelong learning opportunities. Medicine is a huge and ever-growing field where there is often new discoveries and inventions. Along the journey from starting as a medical student to becoming a doctor, you will meet many professors, doctors, and lecturers who are subject matter experts guiding and imparting medical knowledge to you. So be ready for it.


3. Be Enthusiastic to Learn Medicine

As a person who is passionate about studying in a medical school, you should be excited to finally get to the place you always wanted to be. You will get to meet people with the same mindset in medical school and maybe forge lifelong friendships. Be ready to learn, discover, and take in new knowledge about the medical field. 


4. Kindness and Compassion Is Part of The Learning Experience

With all the complex knowledge about Medicine, it is a must for a medical student to study hard and smart to understand the subjects. However, the primary point of studying Medicine is to eventually treat patients. Along with efficient treatment, patients require compassion from the doctors who are treating them. Therefore, it is always advised to be compassionate towards patients and be intuitive to their needs.


5. Perseverance Is Power

Let’s set the record straight. Medicine is filled with vast knowledge and information about sicknesses, diseases, cures, and treatments. As a medical student, you need to have a strong and keen mind to learn and expand your knowledge in the field. A sense of preparedness and a strong mind is a must for medical students. This begins from the first stage of you applying for a medical degree course in Malaysia. With perseverance, you can observe and at the same time absorb the medical knowledge as a student. Having a good sense of perseverance is also the key to overcoming hurdles and achieving your goals in Medicine.


6. Be Motivated

Attending and appreciating lessons, be it in the classroom or hospital, will require you to stay motivated. Enrolling into the right medical school plays a major role in this. Being in a good medical school will provide you the much-needed motivation for you to go the extra mile, constantly doing research, interacting with your medical school seniors, peers, professors, and lecturers to obtain clear insights on subjects. These are some techniques that will help you be informed and motivated about your classes. 


7. Have Excellent Task Management

Medical school requires you to keep up with classes, revisions and extra-curricular activities. In addition to attending lectures and tutorials, it will benefit you to do self-study and group-studying with your friends to ensure an impactful learning experience. 


Remember, being in medical school requires discipline. To keep up with all these tasks, proper planning and excellent time management are important. Moreover, time management skills will come in handy when you graduate and begin serving as a doctor. 


8. Learn When to Take Some Rest

Remember that you are in an environment where your fellow students are likely to have the same mindset as yours. It is also important to communicate with them and enjoy your time together in medical school. Besides, as a student, you need proper rest to keep up with your study schedule and classes. So, be sure to include some time for rest when planning your schedule.


9. Practise, Practise, Practise

Medical school requires constant practise. The professors will teach you many things in theoretical classes which are eventually used in the practical classes. To become an expert in a field, one needs to keep practising the procedures in the practical classes. At RUMC, students take on their Clinical Years at the Penang campus and its teaching hospitals. The sole access to unrivalled clinical training for RUMC students is an added advantage for them to practise the knowledge and procedures. So, when you enrol into medical school, be sure to make practising not only a habit, but your second nature.


10. Communication Between Doctor and Patient is Vital

In the study of Medicine, doctor-patient communication is of the utmost importance. As an aspiring doctor, you must understand that the information provided by your patients will help you make the right diagnosis and provide the best treatment. Since RUMC students are the only medical students using the Penang, Seberang Jaya and Bukit Mertajam general hospitals, there is an exceptionally high ratio of patient-bed-to-student-numbers. This is certainly a plus, as you get plenty of exposure to patients and various diseases.


The field of Medicine is a treasure trove of lifelong learning and experiences waiting to be unlocked. Having the above traits and qualities will mould you into the doctor you aspire to be. Now that you know what is required to become a doctor, you can begin the search for an ideal medical school in Malaysia. 


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