Students are to be registered in RCSI or UCD and RUMC and meet the academic requirements of the relevant institution.

To ensure a successful application, the following criteria are required to be met:

  • Doctoral applicants who are highly motivated and have a clear understanding of the requirements of an NQF Level 10 programme.
  • To provide evidence of sufficient financial support and potential research grant funding.
  • To submit a project proposal that consists of the following:
    • A clear indication of research excellence.
    • Suitability of proposal for PhD.
    • Potential impact of research on the applicant, Malaysia and collaboration with Ireland.
  • To select a pair of supervisors in RCSI or UCD in Dublin and RUMC in Malaysia.
    • Principle supervisor should be based in Dublin and possess a PhD (or equivalent) and experience in PhD supervision.
    • RUMC supervisor should possess a higher qualification and sufficient research experience.


Students undertaking a 1-year pre-doctoral training enables you to learn some core PhD skills such as research methods, research ethics & integrity and academic writing.

Within the first 6 months of the research period, you are expected to have completed the following and commenced your research;

  • Literature Review
  • Methodological Plan for Thesis
  • Formal Transfer Report

You will be assessed based on your performance during this period through a formal report and viva.

Upon successful completion of the pre-doctorial training year, you will then be registered for a PhD.


4 years (full-time) / 5 years (part-time), including 1 year of pre-doctoral training


Note: It is the postgraduate’s responsibility to register each year before submission of their thesis. Failure to do so will lead to automatic disqualification from the degree programme.

PhD Full-Time (Euro (€)):
RCSI: €6,550
UCD: €6,945

PhD Part-Time (Minimum Five-year Registration) (Euro (€)):
RCSI: €4,370
UCD: €4,630


  • An additional National University of Ireland (NUI) fee of €45 per year applies for years 1 to 3.
  • Please contact RCSI/UCD Fees Office should you have any queries on the fee payment.
  • Do take note of the increase in fee by ~5% per annum.


You are required to possess the following criteria to apply for the Structured PhD programme at RUMC.

  • An MSc or upper second class (2.1) honours degree (OR equivalent) in the relevant subject.
  • Supervisors from RUMC and either RCSI or UCD.
  • A mutual agreement with supervisors on the topic for the thesis and logistical details for candidature (e.g. start date, location for initial research training, etc.)

English Language Requirements

  • If English is not your first language, you are to possess a high standard of written and spoken English.
  • You are to submit IELTS or equivalent language test scores, for both written and spoken English (e.g. TOEFL, Cambridge)
  • An IELTS score of 7.0 is desirable, but scores > 6.5 are also accepted.

How To Apply

  • Registration for the programme is to be made via RUMC.
  • Application form (consists of proposal template) to be completed and to be submitted to RUMC Registrar.
  • The Registrar will forward the application to RCSI or UCD upon preliminary review.

Candidates pay EU fees each year until they submit their thesis and are allowed a minimum of three years and a maximum of six years from initial registration to complete their degree. Students who take more than six years must re-apply for registration.

All students must submit their annual written reports and present their work in an oral presentation as well as in an interview. The progress will be reviewed by two independent staff members. Students can only progress to a PhD after a satisfactory progress assessment at the end of the probationary first year.

All PhD candidates must complete a written thesis on their project which is then submitted to one external examiner and one internal examiner for examination, as per the institution’s academic regulations. Following the recommendation of the examiners, including the successful completion of an oral (viva vace0 examination at RCSI or UCD with an independent chair present, a PhD may be awarded.