Oct 16 2021

In conjunction with Mental Health Month 2021 spanning the whole of October, we are proud to present you, the ‘Advocates of Mental Health’ Forum 2021. In this forum, we hope to have a meaningful discussion of reasons, tips, and advice on how to be a better mental health advocate.

We are beyond excited to have some incredible panel speakers on board who will be sharing with us their personal experiences alongside their role as an advocate. Our panellists include social media advocates Bay Doucet, Vaneesha Krishnasamy, as well as Li Ying Saw from SkyBi Tele Mental Health Service. All questions will be moderated by Suraya Hani Tenang, the Academics Officer of RUMCSA!

We believe that mental health-related discussions should be carried out more frequently and transparently in order to destigmatize so-called ‘taboo’ topics as best as we can. Through this, we hope to provide a safe space to spread a little more love and empathy within our generation and hopefully, the future generations to come.

Register now & stay tuned!

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