Do you want to study medicine in another country? RUMC offers a great opportunity to ensure that your dreams of studying abroad come true. Malaysian students can enrol into the BSc Medicine and Surgery that is offered by us! Our 5-year Medicine programme is delivered transnationally – beginning with comprehensive pre-clinical training in Dublin followed by extensive clinical training in Penang. Since the field of medicine is broad and practised in many different styles, this international medical degree will allow you to experience medicine in a diverse way. The best part is, the RUMC medical degree is delivered in a cost effective way, where many doctors have graduated with an Irish medical degree at a fraction of the cost with invaluable experience from Ireland.

How To Find Affordable Medical Education in Malaysia

Step 1: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Studying abroad is a thrilling experience. Though there are some areas you need to consider before you ultimately decide to leave your country to study in another. Studying an undergraduate programme from a local university is going to be very different from studying a recognised international medical degree. Outside of that, adapting to a new culture, language and learning environment has its sets of challenges. Therefore, weighing the pros and cons are essential so you can make an informed decision based on what you want.

There are several benefits for people in learning from a foreign country, especially in regards to medical courses and programmes. RUMC is the leading academic choice that presents medicine related courses to Malaysian students who want to pursue their knowledge on an international level. Having your undergraduate medicine programme in Ireland brings unique experience, adventure, and thrill for students looking to study abroad.

Step 2: Research

Researching is the best way to guarantee that you will be able to study medicine in a cost effective way. We understand that researching for your future is a large task. Finding options that match your goals and finances can be difficult. RUMC offers the chance to live and learn in two different cities that are cost effective in their own rights. As a bonus, you get the opportunity to adapt to different environments,  be independent, learn more about other people’s culture, and, most importantly, study medicine in a foreign country to expand your medical knowledge.

Always remember to do your research before finalising your decision on which academic institution to further your studies. By doing this, as a student you will be able to know more about the place and institution status. This will be helpful once you have joined the university or college of yours.

Step 3: Consider Getting a Scholarship

Everyone deserves the opportunity to study. Universities, governments and businesses alike all try their best to help create these opportunities where possible. Unfortunately, we see many bright and talented students don’t get an opportunity to follow their dreams when they look at the price tag attached. At RUMC, we are committed to rewarding students with excellent academic achievements and have a strong passion for the study of medicine with these scholarships

Step 4: Choose The Right Institution

Choosing the right academic institution is crucial. The reason is due to the expectation of employers and the community that wants to evaluate your proper qualification from well-known academic places, especially if you’re an abroad graduate then the stakes are always high! Therefore, as mentioned above, make sure to spend as much time as you can before choosing the right institution which suits your taste and preferences when it comes to joining medical programmes abroad.

Moreover, choosing an academic institution like RUMC may just be the guarantee for your future medical career when it comes to realising your passion as a doctor. Besides medical council registration, you will also receive strong support from our Alumni Relations and senior academic members to guide you towards your career pathway. The recognition that RUMC has is unimaginable as our internationally-recognised degree provides you with diverse medical career opportunities that come with options to practise overseas such as in the US, UK, Ireland and more.

Why Choose RUMC?

RUMC is one of the most prestigious academic institutions that has successfully honed the knowledge of future doctors for our healthcare industry. Moreover, RUMC is very helpful when it comes to assisting and helping students embark on their medical journey. If you have enrolled into our Foundation in Science course in Malaysia, RUMC allows you to progress directly into our Undergraduate Medicine programme: Pre-Medical Year (CGPA 3.00 – 3.49) or National University of Ireland Medical Degree (CGPA 3.50 – 4.00). Our undergraduate medicine programmes create more room and opportunity for students to experience the clinical field in a deeper depth. If you are interested to find out more about life in Dublin, please visit our page for more info.

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